Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Lip Stuff

I have never used this before, but I just found out about it, and considering it worth sharing. They have over 400 types of natural lip balm. They also have some vegan ones:

My Lip Stuff Vegan Lip Balm Flavor Choices:

*Inner Beauty: plain and simple, naturally flavored. No added flavors or sweeteners. (AKA Unflavored).
*Sweet as Sugar: natural vanilla extract sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Vanilla with stevia).
*Hot & Spicy: a kick of cinnamon essential oil with a touch of natural vanilla extract to take the bite off. (AKA Cinnamon Vanilla).
*Cool Under Pressure: cool peppermint essential oil with a touch of natural vanilla extract. (AKA Vanilla Mint).
*Clean Cut: a blend of citrus essential oils with a hint of natural sage. Sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Citrus & Sage).
*Get Fresh: a mix of lime essential oil with a twist of verbena. (AKA Lime Verbena).
*A Little S&M: a little Sorbet(natural vanilla extract) & a little Mandarin orange essential oil. Sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Mandarin Orange Sorbet).

You can even purchase their products and a percentage will be given to PETA. For more information, see

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